Daily Archives: 05/01/2013


DETOURING MARKETING STRATEGIES TOWARDS THE WORLD WIDE WEB   The road to success has taken a detour onto the information superhighway. In this day and age, small to large scale businesses, even multinational companies, started taking the freeway to the World Wide Web as an additional venue for them to offer products and services to individuals and consumer organisations.   An organised chaos of marketing strategies have populated every industry available to people, and even individuals who only started dreaming of owning a business have followed the trend. Various platforms to promote product and service offerings have begun the emerge […]


Elance vs oDesk THE BATTLE OF TOP FREELANCE MARKETPLACES A Contractor’s Perspective The number of people working in the comforts of their home rapidly increases every year. Freelancers opt to pursue a career that they think are more laid back than having to commute to the office and back, reporting to managers, attending meetings over caffeine-overdose, staying beyond working hours in their cubicles trying to run after a deadline, and worse, even bringing unfinished jobs at home. For most of us independent contractors, the feeling of just being around a comfort zone can be rewarding, irrespective of the fact the […]