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There’s More To Just Hipsters and Trolls Seeking Your Attention

attention-seekingYou’ll probably find Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook a serious ground for people constantly trying to get attention from everyone else. As an individual, it just makes your face hurt from cringing too much at the amount of absurdities posted on various Social Media channels that you’re thinking of just yelling at them to get off of the Internet and do something productive.

As someone who runs a business though, you need to know that you could just find these portals really useful to draw a particular market-base’s attention and invite them to do business with you.

Yes, there’s more to just trolling and other devious ways to seek fame in Social Media. In fact, this particular Internet platform has become so popular that it has been one of the many brilliant factors that affect your presence on the World Wide Web.

And for some companies that have never thought of implementing a Social Media Strategy, they might be thinking that it’s just another waste of space and time they’d rather focus on other stuff – or they could really be missing out on the crowd that they should be drawing towards them.

social-media (1)There are still quite a number of organisations who think that a Social Media Marketing plan could just burn their backs and get nothing out of it. Most of them does not even expect big from Social Media. However, if you look at it from a different perspective, you’ll find that your market-base is just right there and it is growing fast by the day, even by the hour.

And even if a brilliant Social Media strategy might not be the meat and potatoes of your marketing map, it could actually support your business in terms of getting more people curious and interested in what you offer. Hence, a tremendous marketing reinforcement.

What you need to know before you even go out and make a Social Media profile are the following:

0001Start from where you run your business from. That should where you want to draw people into – your website, where they can have a look at your products and services and have a way to get in touch with you should they need and want to.

0002Then you need think of a solid description of who you are and what you do.

0003When you have done that, think of how much competition you have and take a look at the Social Media channels they are using. That should help you choose which platform to begin with. Start with just one for now. Signing up to all of them may just confuse you. Once you’ve got a reasonable amount of audience in one then you can draw them into a new channel, and add more people into it later on.

0004Manage your time when running your Social Media profiles. Allot a particular hour in the day when you will check your messages and feedback if you’re running the business by yourself. If you’ve got enough resources, you can assign one staff to manage the Social Media channels.

0005Content is still king. What you put on those Social Media pages matter to the people that look at them. So be careful and be very clever when posting updates, photos, or videos.

0006You might also want to build your SEO strategy there. While the whole Search Engine Optimisation process is still a mystery, you’ll find that it’s very friendly. Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engine channels actually make friends with the kind of links, and information in your Social Media accounts that they index them properly and give credit to them – eventually bringing your pages at the top ranks of their search results.

It doesn’t sound so difficult, does it? So how do you now bank on Social Media to improve your audience share and increase your leads? Here goes the juicy bit.


facebook-logo-png-transparent-i14  for one, is a great platform in itself.Apart from the perks that Facebook pages offer, they actually offer Self Development Kits for application builders and developers. Which means, if you’ve got someone in your organisation who’s savvy in making Facebook-based applications, you can have them develop one for your business and then drive traffic to it. There are businesses out there who developed apps where people can order and pay for their products and services directly through Facebook. Sounds fancy, doesn’t it?


You can also use Social Media to create Inbound Links. By using your Social Media profile, you can direct its audience directly to where your web pages are in and eventually they’d increase your website traffic. That ultimately will give you an opportunity to have an increase in your enquiries and leads.

president-obama-romney-election-2012-small-business-issuesScreen-Shot-2013-10-09-at-11.30.59-AM1Rallying about a particular business or social issue can also help boost your Social Media Marketing strategy. If you’re someone who reads the news all the time, you can pick on a particular issue that you find very relevant to what you and create something on Social Media about it. You can create a mini-campaign about it or create a poll to exact opinion from an audience. You may also create petitions about it to get Social Media users involved. Before you knew it, your own Social Media page will have a tremendous increase in “likers”, and followers.


Focus on a compassionate cause, too. People like the pay-it-forward attitude. If you’re buzzing about social responsibility, you post content that drives compassion and you’ll find it going viral – some sort of “share this photo and donate a dollar to a certain cause” drive won’t hurt you. Just make sure that it’s legit and you’re not doing it only to drive people towards your pages. This is applicable if you’ve got a fair amount of finances to fund the compassionate cause.

See, with these four strategies and the seven prep stages before them, you’ll find that Social Media is actually very friendly to businesses, too. It’s not just about being chatty and posting funny pictures. If you’re bent on growing your audience on the Internet, you can try these Social Media strategies or build your own. You’d be surprised at the turn outs.


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