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But Where Do You Find Work?

10 of the Best Freelancing Platforms You Can Start Job Hunting From

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There’s a freelancing revolution going about. From unemployment to self-employment, people have been finding it quite fancy to either shed their 9-5 look and become their own boss or simply find an extra source of income by finding jobs that they can get sorted from home.

Even established firms are a bit cautious about hiring full time staff, preferring instead to outsource a lot of their work to temporary workers or contractors that they don’t have to lure with benefits.

As a result, there has been a plethora of startups leveraging on-demand freelance work today, more than ever. Everywhere across the world, you’ll find organisations offering project-based work to available freelancers and independent providers offering short-term services to businesses.

But as a beginner, where does one really have to go to find their first project and start building their freelance portfolio? It’s easy for some,e specially when they spend a lot of time in front of their computers, while others just don’t have a lot of patience looking for something safe and secure.

The 10 Best Platforms To Find Freelance Projects

This shouldn’t be hard as some thought it is, actually. From writing and graphic design to IT and coding, there are a lot of freelance work available on the Internet – and just about in every field you can think of. The advent of technology and the increasing need for temporary work shows that the global workforce population are taking their skills seriously and launching their careers as freelancers. Irrespective of your area of expertise, here are 10 of the best places on the World Wide Web to find freelance jobs and build your portfolio from.


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