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Before anything else, I’d like to start by saying that this post is not a comprehensive guide to Search Engine Optimisation, which is a rather complex matter to talk about in a single article. But no worries, we will eventually discuss SEO bit by bit in other articles.

hiring-freelance-writersThis, however, is your freelancer’s guide to how you can make your online content way friendlier to Search Engines.

If you’re looking to have Google, Yahoo, and Bing find your articles and index them in their search results – and have them remain there consistently, take the organic approach, which everyone still manages to find effective.

However, creating a lasting friendship with search engines may take a reasonable amount of time. It may also require to have a little more patience and exert effort to make things work. If you’re willing to do this like clockwork, I am certain you will find your relationship with these search engines beneficial.

So, how do you get Google (and other search engines) find and index your written pieces?

Find The Keywords And Phrases That Work

Every content writer uses a different way to do this. If you want a simple approach to finding the most relevant keywords, you can use


Simply sign up for a Google account and find the words and phrases that most Internet users are using to find information they need and answers to their questions.

Aside from keyword Planner, I personally use the tools below  to determine the most used words and phrases in web searches, and find out how keyword-rich my pieces are.

SEO Book’s Keyword Search Tool

Keyword Tool

SEO Book’s Keyword Density Analyzer


Webmaster Tools’ Keyword Research Tool

webmaster toolkit

 Wordstream’s Free Keyword Search Tool


Your Content Should Contain A Reasonable Amount Of Keywords – The Ones You Researched And Checked

It’s very obvious, isn’t it. Make a compilation of the plausible keywords you found, create statements, and then connect them to each other to make it reader-friendly. Make sure that they are coherent and conveying a consistent message. Use the keywords in your titles and subheadings, too, if possible.

And even though there is no definitive rule to how much keywords your articles should have, be careful in sprinkling the statements with them. You don’t want to spam your articles with keywords and make your articles incomprehensible and incoherent.

internet_marketingLink To Relevant Websites

If you truly care about your readers, you might want to provide them links to relevant and useful websites within your posts. Your articles would not really mention every resource you’ve used to write it, so it would be very helpful if you direct your readers to them, for their further reference.

Wrap It Up

Yes, you have read it right. I wouldn’t want to make it too complicated for you if you’re just starting. You’ll eventually learn the more complex rudiments as you move along. You can also tweal your articles a bit by adding video and photo content. Just remember to attach an alternate text to these items based on your researched keywords so search engines can also find them.

As your writing skill advances to another level, you’ll come across several content management plugins and applications you’ll find very useful to make sure that your articles are found by search engines.

In conclusion:

SEO-von-Paloma-GómezThe most important thing here is that you’re are working your way to creating a useful and content for yourself, your readers, and your clients, that is well written – enough to have readers get the link to it and share it in their own pages or Social Media timelines. The number of external sites and pages sharing a link to your articles shows to Search Engines that you are credible enough to be featured in their search results.

Just remember to always write for people and not for the engines. As long as you’re able to create the SEO and Reader-Friendliness balance, you should be able to move forward and up your game proudly.

And while you are proud and content of what you have written, do not doubt yourself when sharing it on your own Social Media pages.

You may even start submitting articles to other popular websites as a guest contributor, and become a guest-blogger – which entails you to have more followers on your own site/blog.

Eventually, with these best practices and other things you’ll learn, your written pieces will show up and be more visible in search result rankings.

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