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Whenever I come across a friend, or get introduced to someone, the subject of what I do for a living seems to be a must-bring-up subject. Not that I don’t mind having to tell them what I do. Some of them are gobsmacked that I make a living out of staying at home and being in front of the computer most of the time. While others are not shocked, there are those who are a bit baffled. There are mixed reactions whenever I tell them that I have been a freelancer since I quit my job in the Contact Centre and BPO industry, which I have been in since 2004.


I prefer to keep my reasons for having left the job to myself, but yes, a huge part of it was that I was encouraged by a former mentor to try freelancing for a bit and see if I’m going to like it. The first few months were a blur and I wasn’t really buzzing to continue with it. However when I started raking in a fair amount of money while managing one contract after the other, I decided that despite the odds, I’m going to continue this path and still find out what’s ahead.

But enough about me. I want to be able to help you get rid of what stops you from venturing into your homebased job. Whether you’re just targeting an extra income or you want to have a full time career of it, there’s just a massive number of opportunities that can at least match a full time employment. Some of them, if you’re keen enough to scrunitise, can make you earn more.

Of course, you won’t be counting the money right at the gate. You need to line up your clients, and find work, based on how skilled you are at a particular field. I’ll bet you, some of these niche can lead to a great amount of income.


With the demands for freelance writers lately, you can definitely manage to pull in roughly six figures in income annually. It takes a lot of work to master this craft but you don’t really need a lot of tools to get you started. A good word processor and editing software will do you good. Microsoft Office can actually become your best friend. In oDesk alone, there are thousands of writing jobs available that can help you land your first gig. You just need to be able to organise your thoughts and put them in an error-free writing.

If you’re fluent in a second language, you can make this work to your advantage. Translation jobs are actually thriving in freelancing. You can make a major difference especially if you combine your writing job and translating them into another language. Imagine how much you’ll expect to get come payout date.

Writing & Translation

A freelance multimedia artist can earn as much as $2000.00 on a single contract. Photographers can make even higher. It takes a lot of work for a particular design to be finished – not to mention a huge amount of being keen on details and creativity. You can raise your work price tags if you’re quite proficient on this. Of course this isn’t limited to photography. There are a lot of graphic design jobs that you can take on as a freelancer. Have a look at this graph of Design & Multimedia opportunities.

Design & Mutimedia

This bit may not have existed several years ago but it has long since thrived. Today’s knowledge of online marketing and social media, and sales can actually provide a hefty income for freelancers. Newbies can charge for as low as $5.00 an hour for Social Media management and marketing alone, while going full-throttle with Online Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, and the nitty-gritty can earn you more than $100.00 an hour. As long as you’re properly trained to manage the online marketing arm of your client, you’ll be good to go. Of course, continuous learning will be an advantage because the World Wide Web game is very dynamic – changing by the day, sometime even hours.

Marketing & Sales

As businesses look to be able to use the internet to their advantage, they need websites that will do the work for them. If you’ve got ample knowledge and the willingness to develop it to create static to interactive websites, complete with marketing functionalities, this is the job for you. Web development, can be a very lucrative field for you.

Web Development

Apart from the mentioned and quite popular freelancing jobs, being a virtual admin staff may also take you into greener pastures. Because businesses are now outsourcing most of their business processes off-shore, you’d best become a virtual assistant to take care of their appointment setting requirements, staff sourcing, web research, and data entry work.

Admin Support

If you’re bent on using your skills that you only get to work on during your free time, freelancing may be your best option now. Find a good freelancing marketplace for you to sign up and start working on your job proposals and cover letters. To help you further, have a look at the comparison of some of the available and popular jobs on oDesk.

Comparison Of Available Jobs on Odesk November

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