DIDN’T SLEEP WELL LAST NIGHT? – Here’s How You Can Still Get Some Work Done

Not getting enough sleep – whether as a result of a sleeping disorder or just because you wanted and needed to stay up all night – can cause a lot of disruption, not just to our bodies but also to our minds. It makes us irritable and unfocused. And then it leads us the inability to get some work done. And if we’re running after a deadline, we might just as well prepare to explain or find a workaround to carry out such tasks.


As a freelancer, you will have to battle the challenges of not getting enough sleep. And even though you’re not tied to a strict schedule, being on a deadline and the need to complete projects mean you’re going to have to sit in front of the computer and start working – no matter how long it takes to get it done. The lack of enough rest can really get in the way.

But here are 5 things that you can do to still be able to finish what you need to work on.

SnoozeNever Touch The Snooze Button

As soon as your alarm goes off, much as it is very tempting, do not hit the snooze button. Even though you think it feels good to still be able to have a few more minutes in bed, they’re not actually helping in terms of becoming more alert and focused.

Science had it that your endocrine system fills your body with “alert hormones” as soon as you wake up, hence, putting you head back on the pillow will just slow you down some more. You’re only trying to deceive yourself then that you’ll have more energy if you just have that ten or so more minutes when you hit that snooze button.

PERSONAL TIP: To avoid having to snooze, set your alarm at its loudest and put it where you need to really get out of bed just to turn it off. If your bedroom has an en-suite bathroom, put it by the door. That way, you’ll have to get up and go straight to the bathroom to freshen up.

what-to-do-when-overeat-artGet Rid Of That Groggy Feeling

It’s called “sleep inertia”, and it’s nothing but natural to have it as soon as you’re awakened. But you need to stay away from yielding and go back to bed.

It’s best to get something to eat right away, but not those sugary junks in the cupboard. Although they could boost your energy up, as soon as they wear off, you’re going to crash. So, get something good like wheat and protein-filled food. And quit waiting around for your breakfast; have it within the hour of waking up to give your brain a good cognitive spike.

sunshineThe Sun Will Make You Alert

Lift the curtains and let the sunshine in. Natural light helps with boosting one’s alertness and enthusiasm, as well as it increases your body temperature.

Well, this one works for the morning person. Regardless, it is important that you have natural lighting during the day to keep you up and running. Getting some sun also helps fight seasonal depression which has become very common among freelancers because of the feeling of isolation.

CluelessWork On The Most Critical Tasks First

Reports had it that you should work on your most challenging tasks within the first three hours after you wake up because those are the hours when your energy is at its peak. It also says that later in the day, one’s attention span cannot be sustained for over ten minutes, so, don’t work on the hard ones at that time.

FreelanceHave A Power Nap

Take a break and sleep wherever you have to – in your car, under your desk, on a hammock. Squeezing in a at least a quarter of an hour for a power nap will help re-boost your energy. A 20-minute nap in between work can actually give you enough energy to last for hours.

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