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0001 Reader SpotlightOf course we have seen how Internet technology has dynamically changed and advanced through the years, and along with it came the conclusion that writing for the World Wide Web will be the biggest trend in authorship. A staggering amount of surveys and statistics have been conducted showing that Internet traffic massively grows year after year. Though print media is still very much around, millions of readers have turned on to the Internet for almost everything that they wish to read about. Add the development of smart gadgets like phones and tablets, and we can be sure that this industry will still hugely grow in years to come.

Come to think of it, even media moguls like BBC, CNN, Time Magazine, and other big names in print publication has not taken the Internet media’s power for granted. Each of them has ventured and joined the online bandwagon. They have created integrated and interactive sites for their audience, and at the same time been very much around Social Media. In addition, even ordinary Internet users now have the chance to publish their own reading materials in the form of their own blogs or by guest-posting in other online publications and social sharing sites. The competition to who has the most interesting, informative, and reader-friendly pieces has obviously become tough for everyone.

Man reading newspaper and woman using laptop computerIn this kind of environment, you must come to terms with the fact that in this kind of environment, your skills and your writing talent is very much in demand. However, your ability to charm your audience into reading your posts and articles is what’s going to make the difference, and set you apart from your competition. You cannot take your audience for granted while you’re traditionally working on your written pieces any longer.

What you need to focus on at this point to survive and be at your very best is to consider your audience at al times. At the end of the day, what your audience thought about your articles is what’s going to make or break you. This is the moment where you need to find that balance between artistic and market value. To be able to do that, you must make every effort to learn more about your audience – they’re attitude towards any online reading material and how they feel about it.

To help you get to know your readers, let’s put them on the spotlight by showing you the four basic things about them.

Your readers’ attention span is rather short.

0003 Reader SpotlightWe’re not saying that they do not like to pay attention. Everything else about the Internet can be distracting for them. The thing is your pieces will inevitably have to compete against Social Media channels when they’re online, or they might be too busy with work and their families. You’re considered lucky enough if they happen to come across any of your pages.

Keep in mind that an average Internet user only uses 10 to 30 seconds to read web content. They seldom feel the need to check every detail available for them, and usually just scan the entire page for keywords, quotes, important phrases, bullet points, and subtitles. As a writer, you need to tailor-fit your pieces with that kind of reading habit.

Your articles must have the four C’s to be able to catch up with your readers’ attitude: Concise, Coherent, and Concrete. Anything less or more than that will definitely make them go read something else.

200570485-003Your readers are trying to find information.

Web readers are always in the lookout for useful information – whether it’s something that they need for work, school, their daily routine, or leisure. As a writer, you have that responsibility to fulfil that need. Always anticipate the exact information they need and out it in writing, so it is always best to find out the kind of audience that you want to read your articles – which, of course, depends on your own interests.

0005 Reader SpotlightYour readers can tell your bluff and they will never call it.

It may not be written in stone but it’s an absolute unspoken rule that you should never take your audience’s intelligence for granted. They can tell if you’re just making up a story and they’re definitely not going to buy it. You need to get your facts straight and relevant before writing anything. It is also best to stay away from complicated principles and complex vocabulary. Readers hate reading something that tries to be smart. Try to write without any artificial designs to impress. Just be informative and simple.

Young man with a laptopYour readers will always remember.

They’re like customers who can never forget where they got good products and excellent service. If you served them well, you’re guaranteed that they’ll come back and even recommend you to their peers. If you give your readers poorly written articles, they will definitely stay as far away from your pages as possible and not even say anything about it to their friends. At the end of the day, they are the ones who can say if they’re satisfied or not.

These are just four basic things you need to know about your readers. After all, if you’re venturing into writing for the web, you need to keep in mind that a reader-friendly article should come first before you even think of getting your pieces found by search engine robots.

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