THE 2014 FEARLESS FORECAST – Upcoming Trends Freelancers Can Take Advantage Of

2013 may have been challenging for you as a freelancer, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to easily give up. You may just have lost focus or have not fully grasped the trends that were last year. Then again, it’s not too late to up your game. The freelancing world is going to stay for years and as we have said in our previous article [CHANGING PERSPECTIVES – A 2014 Forecast on The Emergence of Small Scale Businesses, How To Start One, and Focusing On Sustainable Progress], this should just be any freelancer’s dream – having more jobs generated by small businesses that are about to (almost) dominate the world.

So, if you’re in the freelancing industry and you want to raise the bar of your success or maybe up your game a bit, here are a few foreseen trends that you can use to work to your advantage in 2014.

More businesses will grasp the importance of online marketing – including content marketing

internet-marketingThis has been everyone’s talk of the town in the online marketplace. Content marketing, when efficiently put to use can bring your business to the heights of revenue and success.

Just the idea that more businesses are becoming more influential because of what their content conveys to their audience is proof that Content is still King. People still look for something useful in articles, videos, website details, photos, and other stuff available on Social Media, business websites, and other communication materials.

What people get is a tremendous amount of help just by taking a look at the information that a business page or a blog contains. Content even often attempts to interact with an audience – thus allowing a seamless communication between businesses and leads.

You might want to consider learning how to become a content writer or curator as it gets stronger and becomes a more plausible freelancing option. Content marketing can also give you a good leverage to the more complex nitty gritty of Online Marketing strategies.

There will be a staggering increase in the demand for marketing strategies that convert leads into increased sales

lead_conversion1As this calls, once again, for an effective content marketing implementation, other online marketing solutions will not fall behind in the game. Social Media Management, Web Development, and other fundamental solutions that a business needs to promote their products and services to the global market will call for freelancers to create them.

If you’ve got brilliant ideas you want to make use of and can work hard, you can absolutely make it as an online marketing solutions provider.

Telling people that you’re a freelancer will no longer be embarrassing

embarrassedGiven that you actually blush in embarrassment when you tell people that you’re working from home, you wouldn’t have to anymore. Freelancing has becoming the solution for unemployment these days. And with the foreseen increase in small businesses that would need a compelling online presence; given your skills and your dedication to the craft, you can take pride in telling your friends and a few acquaintances of how great it is that you’re a freelancer.

Another factor that possibly adds up to your embarrassment as a freelancer could be the income. If you’re barely making ends meet as a virtual assistant, you might want to up your game and create an even more attractive online character. You could tweak up your title and make it sound more interesting.

Remember that a great impression matters to people especially those you meet for the first time. There’s nothing demeaning about being a virtual assistant or a data entry specialist, but you can up your game and sound more impressive by calling yourself an expert or a specialist.

The number of people depending on their phones and gadgets to find information and look for places to go to will continuously increase

CluelessWe may all look at it both ways – either it’s scary that more people are going to be a bit clueless about anything under the sun, or we can make it work for us as freelancers. It can also fall somewhere in between of being scary and brilliant. At any given point, when this happens, this means there will be an increase in the need for more freelancers who will then work to provide the sort of information they need.

Whether they need information about a business that they want to buy something from, or merely to look for videos that seem very important that they need to get a hold of, specialists like you are the ones that businesses can count on to put them on their websites and other online channels.

Marketing strategies will be more specialised and most will focus on a particular niche at a time

Niche Market - Bow and Arrow Aimed at Bulls EyeOnline marketing solutions put out by businesses now need to be distinct. We need to distinguish which businesses we’d like to work with as freelancers for us to be able to focus. Although online marketing assistants need a generic skill set, it is very important that we pick a certain industry that we want to be part of. You cannot manage an automotive company’s Social Media account, write core website content for a restaurant, and run link building tasks for a pet shop at the same time.

We have to have, as freelancers, a certain focus on an audience group to be more effective.

Find a niche or an industry that you are most interested in so you can be more efficient in your projects as a freelancer. If you feel the need to take on an extra project outside that niche, allow yourself an interval before shifting from one task to another to avoid disorientation.

Stuff will continue to be shared everywhere

social-sharing-conceptWell, don’t get surprised if your septuagenarian next of kin happens to be sharing your childhood photos on Throwback Thursdays. By now, most adults may have already had a grip on Social Media and they are just as delighted to share stuff to their connections.

This just means that there will be a continuous increase in the need for stuff to be shared – infographics, useful pictures, essays, blog articles, whitepaper, videos, and almost anything with a “Share This” function on the World Wide Web.

This means that you, as a freelancer, can take on jobs that will create more content for people to share on their social networks.

SEO may have been perceived to be obsolete but it’s here and will be here to stay

seo-not-deadThe Online Marketing industry has been somewhat under the impression that Search Engine Optimisation has become obsolete with the emergence of Social Media channels. But the truth is SEO will never go away. As long as people are looking for information on the internet, Search Engines will always come in handy. This means that the need for web pages to be seen ahead of others in search results is still very much imminent.

If you’re somewhat trained and brilliant to maintain search ranking of pages, then you won’t have to worry about losing your job SEO is here to stay.

Videos are about to kill the… no… They’re just about to become very popular in online marketing

video_marketingVideos are not going to kill any other media star this time – no, not like what it was said in a once very popular song. In fact videos are just going to be such great stars like content and other marketing strategies.

YouTube and Vimeo have become very popular amongst people when it comes to video content. Almost everything is right there. And it’s true, sometimes a video can be more audience-friendly that text (but still, there are pieces of information that may not seem as brilliant when translated into videos. Hence, they come hand in hand.)

You can take advantage of this upcoming trend by getting training on how to create awesome video content.

As for writers, it’s very obvious that these videos still need to be written out and edited, so you can still keep your job and get paid. See? Videos and other content work together very well.

Freelancers will collaborate with peers to get more work done

freelancer piled up workBecause small businesses will emerge through time, freelancers will get more jobs. And as this goes on and on, there will be a need for freelancers to work or pass on their tasks to their peers in the industry. Yes, freelancers may outsource their jobs to other freelancers. This means that you and a peer in the industry, perhaps from somewhere across the world may create a trusted partnership to deliver online business solutions together to one client after another. And if you get lucky enough, you may also be able to outsource a number of your tasks to another freelancer. This means that job opportunities and freelance projects may continue to come and grow. Something that you can take advantage and earn a lot from.

The existence of Social Media will never cease to grow

Social Media AudienceAs if it has not yet grown, Social Media users will still increase and grow like a plague. The number of Social Media followers that a business can have depends on how interesting their content is. Of course content has to be engaging for people to like it.

This only means that you need to up your game as a writer, or a content specialist, so you can provide more engaging and compelling content to an audience.

Businesses will count on you to give their audience, prospects, and leads something to like and share on Social Media – eventually leading to conversion.

In conclusion:

The World Wide Web will continue to advance and will always be a dependable resource by billions of people across the globe for information and other stuff they need.

As your peer in the freelancing industry, I encourage you to take advantage of these foreseen trends to become more productive and successful. Who knows, freelancing may become a very lucrative career for you.

So in parting, I wish you all the best in 2014. Happy New Year!

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