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Your Fundamental Online Solutions Could Very Well Define Your Success


Whether you’re out there to make a significant mark in the industry or you want to set online promotion and web marketing standards, set of fundamental virtual services that this channel offers are guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

From online marketing consulting to managing your written solutions, core-based social media services, blog posts and other articles, customer support, and even training, this channel can only guarantee you a reinforcement of your potential to succeed and be strongly visible on the World Wide Web – which in turn will define the sustainable success that you wish to achieve.



WEbsite-designOn-Page Content & Core Website Information To Optimise Search Results

Core Website Content is the meat-and-potatoes of what iFrontier Solutions does. More than three quarters of its independent projects are focused on researching information about a certain business’ market and its competitors, together with a whole lot of relevant information, to create the most informative and reader-friendly content.

iFrontier Solutions’ web research and written solutions are done in a combination of creativity and adherence to Search Engine Optimization trends. All write-ups are thoroughly edited to ensure keyword density and being easy on the readers’ eyes.


online-marketing-consultantOnline Marketing Solutions Consulting For Small Businesses

In today’s tough industry, the competition never gets easier especially in Online Marketing. As the previous year’s prediction that small businesses will start to increase in numbers, their digital promotions and online marketing solutions need to be customised and tailor-fit to what they offer.

iFrontier Solutions provides core-based marketing strategies to small businesses who have no idea online tools to use and where to begin establishing their presence.

When you consult your online marketing challenges, we can work out a set of solutions guaranteed to tell your target market a resounding perspective, and eventually get them to trust you with their needs for products and services.


content-marketing-homepageOff-Page Content – Blog Posts, Articles, & Other Written Solutions

Content is King. That’s what almost everybody says in the Online Marketing game. Your audience’s trust depends on your visual appeal and what they get from you – including everything that they read on your website, blogs, newsletters, emails, and the occasional publicity statement. At iFrontier Solutions, your on-page and off-page written solutions are strategically structured to entice your readers, make them stay and read along, and also have the Search Engines find every article through reasonable keyword infusion and bring them to the results page. iFrontier Solutions offer Content Development and Management Services to make sure that you bring across the right kind of information to your target market.


Social-Media-Icons-cloudCore-Based Social Media Management Services

Marketing your product or brand on social media is one of the more pervasive ways people will learn about your business. You don’t want to leave that responsibility in the hands of an amateur — even one that might be conversant in Facebook and Twitter. Social Media Marketing requires a lot of work, a certain amount of technical savvy, excellent writing skills, empathy for customers, and an awareness of the company’s strategy.

iFrontier Solutions’ Social Media Management services are core-based – which means we will look closely at the kind of business that you do before we decide which Social Media platforms are appropriate for you to sign up on and promote your products to guarantee quality traffic and potential leads.


trainingHeaderTraining & Development

iFrontier Solutions understands that every business and organisation depends on the efficiency of their staff – particularly in providing a stellar experience to their customers, but not every pre-packaged training program will work for everyone.

Its client-focused approach to training your staff with the core skills that they need in customer service, lead generation, sales pitching, and customer-focused communications are sure to guarantee exemplary experience to people looking to speak with you about your own products and services.

iFrontier Solutions’ portfolio of Training and Development services will help to determine the strength of your workforce and target to improve the areas where they can do a lot better.


Female Customer ServiceCustomer Support

Customer Service is one of the backbones of a successful business. Whether you are running your business on your own or you have a fairly sizeable company, people are going to talk about how well you have served them and address their concerns about your products and services.

This is why this service channel looks to bring in years of experience in the contact centre industry and offer you nothing but unparalleled customer service solution – packed with exemplary knowledge and skills in CRM systems navigation and can quick adaptation to service levels that your business requires.

iFrontier Solutions can provide customer support through various channels – email, chat, and phone, specifically.

Send your enquiries now and see how we can make your customers happy not just with your products but also with the kind of post-sales support that they get.