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Gintz-Media has been established to become a one-stop shop for your mobile communications needs.

Imagine an entire gizmo-shop at your fingertips. That’s how convenient we want shopping for handheld devices and accessories to become for you. We have everything you need that has to do with mobile communications and computing from the trendiest mobile and smart phones to tablets and reading devices and mobile accessories.

What sets us apart from other mobile trading shops is our dedication to offer you what you need best, according to your lifestyle and your usage habits.

Our company also would want to keep you up to date with what’s happening in the mobile world. we offer updates, provide free articles and online publications for you to get informed about the latest technology, applications and new devices.

The Gintz Media website is currently unavailable but it’s Facebook page is still online, albeit any activity since 2012. Content for this site has was created and completed in July 2012.


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