Lesbian Lifestyle Magazine

Lesbian Lifestyle

Lesbian Lifestyle and Lesbian Lifestyle Magazine - an online publication based in the Czech Republic dedicated in the portrayal of lesbian and bisexual women in the society. Created in 2012 & 2013, the online hub aims to serve as a central dwelling place for women of alternative sexual preference and lifestyle to broaden their social ties with everyone else in the world. This hub aims at to becoming an established and well reputed community. We focus on reaching out by creating publications, moderating discussions and networking. As we look to promote education and awareness about alternative preference and lifestyle, we publish articles, regular columns, reviews, recaps of television shows  we believe interesting for our audience. We hope through the maintenance of various blogs and contact with our readers to be inspired to develop further topics.

Lesbian Lifestyle’s core web content was written in 2012. All other posts in the magazine were written and curated till March 2014.