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DO YOU WANT TO BE ON TOP? – Defining The Purpose Of Portfolio Websites & SEO

It’s undeniable that freelancing is a fast-rising career on the Internet. What with several freelance job markets and ad boards around catering to a staggering number of independent contractors, there is no doubt that there should be a project for almost everybody – from writers to web developers, designers, and countless others. I came across a question, just today, in a freelancing discussion board while I was going through my daily routine and I found it to make a lot of sense. Given that as freelancers we want to find the best prospects and work with them on a rather […]

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Of course we have seen how Internet technology has dynamically changed and advanced through the years, and along with it came the conclusion that writing for the World Wide Web will be the biggest trend in authorship. A staggering amount of surveys and statistics have been conducted showing that Internet traffic massively grows year after year. Though print media is still very much around, millions of readers have turned on to the Internet for almost everything that they wish to read about. Add the development of smart gadgets like phones and tablets, and we can be sure that this industry […]

GET GOOGLE TO FIND YOU – How You Can Make Your Articles Search Engine Friendly 1

Before anything else, I’d like to start by saying that this post is not a comprehensive guide to Search Engine Optimisation, which is a rather complex matter to talk about in a single article. But no worries, we will eventually discuss SEO bit by bit in other articles. This, however, is your freelancer’s guide to how you can make your online content way friendlier to Search Engines. If you’re looking to have Google, Yahoo, and Bing find your articles and index them in their search results – and have them remain there consistently, take the organic approach, which everyone still […]


A lot of people are under the impression that I may have already earned my first million in freelancing. That impression is wrong. I’m still working hard not to become a .com millionaire of some sorts but I’m doing it like clockwork to make sure I am “more than just getting by”. What you’re about to read next is not about me being preachy. It’s about me touching base on the realities of taking on a journey to quitting an office-job and gearing towards freelancing success. FACING THE REALITY AND THE HIGH HOPES OF FREELANCING SUCCESS When you heard your […]


The blogging movement has been picking up its pace quite so fast in the past several years together with other ways to boost a business’ online presence. It helps to reach growth potential by merely creating comprehensive and usually graphic updated posts like a journal. When weblogs started way back in 1999, the number of them exploded and massively increased from just a few thousand to over 100 million. To date, businesses have also ventured into blogging to realise their potential for growth and increase their customer-base. It proves to be a low-cost alternative to have a web presence. Every […]


WRITERS DO NOT NEED TO TREAD ONLY TO STAY AFLOAT But if you need to reach that shore of trusted success, you’ve got to kick and glide your arms through the endless waters of writing jobs and stay ahead in the competition. There is an endless sea out there. Imagine roughly two hundred thousand writers and translation providers in various freelancing platforms. What have you got to do to be noticed by an employer who wants something done exquisitely? Mediocrity would only tell you to just tread and stay afloat . But until when?  Wouldn’t you want to get ahead […]