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CHANGING PERSPECTIVES – A 2014 Forecast on The Emergence of Small Scale Businesses, How To Start One, and Focusing On Sustainable Progress

The number of small businesses across the word has staggeringly increased – that’s undeniable. Even though the bigger businesses and multi-national companies have considered a massive cut down on their manpower requirement, it is very noticeable that small businesses have, at the same time, added over 8 million jobs in the US alone. If we look at this on a positive note, there are better things that are yet to materialise in 2014. I reckon that more businesses will come up compared to the ones established in the previous years. This could only mean that more jobs will be available […]

How Can Startups Use The Power Of Social Media (Infographic) – Business 2 Community

The Power Of Social Media There was a time (even a couple of years back) when enough credit was not given to the power of social media. The social networking sites were getting strictly used by individuals to re-kindle old friendships. Social media, however, got its well-deserved worth ever since business organizations started harnessing its full potentials. We all know that the recent algorithm updates of major search engines have turned social media into an all-powerful entity. In fact, search engines like Google take social engagement as a major signal to judge the credibility of a website. Simply put, social […]


There’s More To Just Hipsters and Trolls Seeking Your Attention You’ll probably find Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook a serious ground for people constantly trying to get attention from everyone else. As an individual, it just makes your face hurt from cringing too much at the amount of absurdities posted on various Social Media channels that you’re thinking of just yelling at them to get off of the Internet and do something productive. As someone who runs a business though, you need to know that you could just find these portals really useful to draw a particular market-base’s attention and invite […]


- Not That Your Current One’s Not Working – For Business-2-Business companies, inbound marketing seem to be a little hard to manage properly. Obviously, this process moves so fact across different platforms on the Internet. There are your online social channels, how you build your content, and measures to define how things are working. With all of these on their plate, it is a little baffling for businesses to find out where to begin. Clearly, it is crucial that you know the basics before digging in deeper and grasping the nitty-gritty. Once you’ve gotten a grip of a campaign you […]


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