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YOU WON’T GET RICH IF YOU DON’T GET PAID – Payment Options Available to Freelancers

  Getting paid for their exemplary work and business projects is a general objective for freelancers and business owners. While some require a lump sum payment after the project is accomplished, others prefer to be paid on a “progressive billing method” or on a regular interval – all depending on their agreement with their clients. Having said this, getting paid should never be an issue as there are several payment methods available which you can suggest to your clients. Every payment method has its own advantages and disadvantages, including the possibility of a substantial charge for sendng or receiving the […]


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HIRING FREELANCERS: 6 Things You Need To Know

Considering the number of things you need to accomplish to get your business going, hiring an independent contractor for specific or a group of tasks can save you a lot of time, money and give you an opportunity to the build a strong and trusted partnership with an extremely talented specialist to get the job done. However, with so many freelance marketplaces around, you might find hiring decisions a bit challenging, especially when there are literally tens of thousands of plausible candidates ready to bid on your job advert. Not to mentions your own challenges in hiring compared to the […]

CHANGING PERSPECTIVES – A 2014 Forecast on The Emergence of Small Scale Businesses, How To Start One, and Focusing On Sustainable Progress

The number of small businesses across the word has staggeringly increased – that’s undeniable. Even though the bigger businesses and multi-national companies have considered a massive cut down on their manpower requirement, it is very noticeable that small businesses have, at the same time, added over 8 million jobs in the US alone. If we look at this on a positive note, there are better things that are yet to materialise in 2014. I reckon that more businesses will come up compared to the ones established in the previous years. This could only mean that more jobs will be available […]

How Can Startups Use The Power Of Social Media (Infographic) – Business 2 Community

The Power Of Social Media There was a time (even a couple of years back) when enough credit was not given to the power of social media. The social networking sites were getting strictly used by individuals to re-kindle old friendships. Social media, however, got its well-deserved worth ever since business organizations started harnessing its full potentials. We all know that the recent algorithm updates of major search engines have turned social media into an all-powerful entity. In fact, search engines like Google take social engagement as a major signal to judge the credibility of a website. Simply put, social […]


The blogging movement has been picking up its pace quite so fast in the past several years together with other ways to boost a business’ online presence. It helps to reach growth potential by merely creating comprehensive and usually graphic updated posts like a journal. When weblogs started way back in 1999, the number of them exploded and massively increased from just a few thousand to over 100 million. To date, businesses have also ventured into blogging to realise their potential for growth and increase their customer-base. It proves to be a low-cost alternative to have a web presence. Every […]


This video is streaming from a third-party website. Please note, iFrontier Solutions does not control the contents, recommended videos, or links that appear on this player. iFrontier Solutions does not own this video nor claims to own it.  New Thinking – Content is King This video briefly explains the importance on CONTENT on your Online Marketing action plans. John Gibbard from Dare, one of the UK’s leading digital agencies, provides some quick tips on how to create engaging content for your website. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-y3GUvOdPo&w=560&h=315]


YOU JUST NEED PLAUSIBLE WAYS TO MAKE THINGS WORK BETTER In all aspects of life constructive criticism helps us the most to improve ourselves. In business, constructive feedback motivates us to develop better marketing strategies. But lately, what we read on the internet from Online Marketing experts and critiques are all about how we are doing it wrong. Scratch that. You can’t let these negative tips get in the way of your success. What you need at the moment is to let yourself know that you are in the right track and the slow turn-outs may just mean you need to […]


THE PEOPLE WHO WORK FROM HOME SEEM TO AGREE ON BEING But if we have a closer look at this argument we may also find a few roadblocks to achieve these benefits for ourselves. Yes, myself included, as I am part of the virtually employed population. Although the joys of working from home beckon us all the time and some of you just can’t wait to file their resignation, we might just need to remember that there are major challenges that we need to be faced around the thought of being virtually employed.     Part of our responsibilities to ourselves now […]


So, with the constant and dynamic changes in online marketing trends, working your way to the top of Search Engine Results really matter to your techniques in drawing people closer to your business. This recipe is intended for you and I hope that you start working your SEO techniques the way a culinary expert prepares a rather scrumptious nosh for his guests.


COOKING A TASTY SEARCH ENGINE RESULT AND ONLINE POPULARITY No, it doesn’t take culinary expertise to get yourself up in the search engine results. If you could call yourself a chef for having come up with a scrummy online strategy to popularise what you have to offer to people online and get them to have a “taste” of what you offer, then props would all be yours. Oh, no. I’m not one to give you props for it but your traffic statistics and the number of turn-outs that you get from them. To be perfectly frank, I wasn’t so cracked […]