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GET GOOGLE TO FIND YOU – How You Can Make Your Articles Search Engine Friendly 1

Before anything else, I’d like to start by saying that this post is not a comprehensive guide to Search Engine Optimisation, which is a rather complex matter to talk about in a single article. But no worries, we will eventually discuss SEO bit by bit in other articles. This, however, is your freelancer’s guide to how you can make your online content way friendlier to Search Engines. If you’re looking to have Google, Yahoo, and Bing find your articles and index them in their search results – and have them remain there consistently, take the organic approach, which everyone still […]


The blogging movement has been picking up its pace quite so fast in the past several years together with other ways to boost a business’ online presence. It helps to reach growth potential by merely creating comprehensive and usually graphic updated posts like a journal. When weblogs started way back in 1999, the number of them exploded and massively increased from just a few thousand to over 100 million. To date, businesses have also ventured into blogging to realise their potential for growth and increase their customer-base. It proves to be a low-cost alternative to have a web presence. Every […]