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R.I.P. SEO? – We Do Not Think SEO Died. It’s Evolving. 1

Opinions have been going on about Search Engine Optimisation having died a long time since Internet Technology has evolved. We reckon it has caused panic amongst SEO professionals and that businesses began to worry as well how to get their websites to become fairly visible on the World Wide Web. There was even an article published on the Forbes Online Magazine “Is SEO Dead?”, which we deem was informative enough to let us know of a lot of things about SEO and how changes are about to happen. Someone must have been fancying those hoax celebrity death issues that they […]


LEAD NURTURING – A Small Business’ Guide To Taking Care of Prospects

With every blog or website talking about how to capture leads, we don’t so often bump into written pieces as to how you could take care of these leads so we can eventually convert them into buying customers. Lead conversion is one of the most critical factors that can determine your business’ success. if you happen to have spent less on lead generation, obviously for the fact that online marketing is becoming more cost-effective as it progresses, you may consider reaping its rewards if you carefully work to convert these qualified leads into sales. As a small business, you can […]


THE INTERNET IS YOUR FRIEND This just means there’s no way that you should be afraid of taking your business onto the digital marketing road. If you’re loking into drawing more people into asking about what you can offer or sell them, the World Wide Web is just the right place to showcase such. But if you’re seemingly baffled with the nitty-gritty of doing it, what you need to go about now will have to be the fundamentals. As I was browsing through a copuple of job references, I came across this blog entry on ¬†which I believe you’re going […]